Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I so want springtime now! It looks and feels like springtime! It's too early to plant. Edible flowers are in again as decor on Cakes and such!
They are also great for attracting bees and butterflies!

Babies in Springtime:

My new Molly Fish; she is a light Tan and Cream color.

What's New!

My son,Chris, has opened his own Etsy Store showcasing his Chainmaille Artistry!

My grandaughter submitted a project in an Areospace Science Fair! How would you live on Mars?

James is working on the background for scenes in his short film, The Hollywood Girl!

Our new girls, chickens, are laying eggs! The small one is a chocolate brown color. Their breed is called, Marans.

I just finished a customer order of 5 Macrame Curtains! Three of them fit together to cover a 129 inch wide window!

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Cindy from Craft Flaire.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 Wow! Time goes fast when you have candles burning at both ends! As they say! Ha!

What's New?

1. The Teapot: Congrats!

2. Craft Flaire:
Custom Macrame Curtains

3. Grandpa and Grandma again! Both our daughters, having a baby this year!

4 .Our Son, James and his wife, Veronica set up their Award winning Short Film on AMAZON!

5.Our Son, Chris, launched his Chainmaille Jewelry and Jump Ring Supply store on ETSY!

6. Buddy is building himself a prospecting truck from two Toyota Trucks!

Hope you all have the Best 2018 Year!

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Cindy from Craft Flaire.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pumpkin Fest Past & Present

Every year we try to go to the Pumpkin Festival in Dewey, Az.
Enjoy these photos! Oh how the grandchildren are growing up!

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Cindy from Craft Flaire.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Apple Tree Planting

Great tips shared! I so what a small Orchard someday!


Everything that wows me from Facebook ,Pinterest or Youtube will be shared in this blog!


The introduction of THE TEAPOT:
My daughter and her husband bought an historic home in the downtown Phoenix area.
They re-modeled per the rules of phoenix on historic homes and got their Licenses to run a Coffee Shop and a Kid-Friendly Resturant.

Dad and I are so PROUD of their accomplishments!

Then came the Wedding:

They decided to hold their wedding and reception at The Teapot!
 Jon's Real London Bus transported the Wedding Party to THE TEAPOT.
 The gals and the guys.
 Time to reflect!
Happy Day!

Leyland yes was in the Wedding Party! Little ham he is for photos! LOL!

Wedding Practice.
Raelynn took my Wedding Dress and had it altered by my request!
WOW! Loved it!

THE TEAPOT has a little English twist to their Menu! Yes GRANDMA makes and bakes the SCONES!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

2017 James and Veronica's Wedding

Lots and Lots of Photos to share!

 2016 Dec. Making the props for James and Veronica's Wedding.

 In Sedona!


 Beautiful Couple!

 Dad's brother, Bob, and Rose came out from N.Y. for the Wedding and a site seeing visit!
 They took Dad to Oakman to see the Mules. LOL!
 I made the Mandala Inspired Dream Catcher for the backdrop of photo shoots!
 James waiting for the bride; He could not look at her till the moment she was walked to him!
The Bride's side with  Alexis and Zoey.
 Oriohanna had a great time and was a hit as a sensational dancer at the reception!
 The grooms side with Chris.
Sedona provided the most beautiful backdrop for the wedding!
The wedding Cake Topper and Cupcakes! Rose helped me set it up!

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