Friday, July 27, 2012

Kid's Need Room To Play

 Born in New York but Raised in Colorado,  while I was growing up, we always lived in the rural area of a city, where as Mom always said,"KIds need room to play!" So when I come across an article that grabs my heart strings I've gotta share!

 Actress Reese Witherspoon with her nieces, Draper, left, and Abby James, at her Ojai, California, home. Reese Witherspoon turns to her friend Kristen Buckingham to infuse a classic California ranch with a youthful spirit Written by David A. Keeps • Styled by Anita Sarsidi • Photographed by William Waldron
She purchased a historic Wallace Neff ranch five years ago in Ojai—a bucolic village in the foothills north of Los Angeles that served as Shangri-La in the 1937 film Lost Horizon. The property sits on seven acres that include a swimming pool, a barn, a horse paddock, and guest cottages. Originally built in 1923 as stables for Edward Drummond Libbey, who made his fortune in glassware. So Libbey Ranch provides a serene setting to be with her family, and looms large in her approach to parenting. “It reminds me of growing up in Tennessee, where we spent all day outside,” she says. “I wanted my children to have that experience, to get muddy and hang out with the animals.”
Hope you enjoyed the photos from the Elle Decor Magazine. SHARE A HEART FELT STORY/OPINION/INSPIRATION HERE! WHAT PULLS AT YOUR HEART STRINGS? Thanks for Visiting!
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Mastering Macrame Lesson One

From a 1977 Book called A Guide To Macrame Knots, I am posting it's wonderfully illustrated knots and helpful hints! Whether you're a novice knotter or a more experienced pro, you can bet on a sure thing, you will be decorating your home and learning an exciting craft and not just beginners luck! Most macrame projects focused on home decor back then but today you are seeing more and more of these easy basic knots worked into interesting patterns in contemporary Jewelry Fashions as well Today! First of all I have posted photos with info of Basic Helpful Hints from a how-to book from 1977. You will want this book in your craft library to help familiarize yourself with the glossary of Macrame. You will have a chance to get this book at the end of this Tudor Lesson!
Each description is self-explanatory, but if you have questions please ask through comments and I will do my best to explain.
Let's start with the Classic Square Knot and several ways to create a pattern.
CINDY'S TIPS: In step one I say to myself, right hand pick up the right outside cord, go under the center two cords and over the left outside cord. Then pick up that left outside cord, go over the center two cords and up through the loop on the right. In step two I say to myself, right hand pick up the right hand outside cord, go over the center two cords and under the left outside cord. Then I say pick up that left outside cord , go under the center two cords and down through the loop on the right. Saying it that way has saved me alot of confusion until it becomes second nature as to say. The alternating square knots are shown in photo on the bottom left and the Square Knot Sinnet is shown in photo on the bottom right. The next photos I have posted show the variations you get by alternating or using only the first half of the square knot pattern.

First photo shows actual size of various cords.

My Tapestry Curtain I made, showcased here, shows the variety of patterns made with only square knots and is in this book from which I have been using photos from. If you would like this pattern book I have a few to sell for 10.00 which includes shipping. Just request through comments and I will list the book in my etsy store for you as RESERVED. 
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Tutorials By Cindy

My Macrame Ropes started out as Samples to Show and Tutor Others in the the Art of Making Macrame Knots. I hung them up with my kitchen window curtain rod and I saw them then as a way to have Unique Hand Designed Curtains. I am Sharing My Creative Designs and Others here with You on to show that Handmade Fashions can work with Contemporary Style in Home Decor Today! Tabletop Decor with a Theme is called a Tablescape. I want to take this concept farther by incorporating into my designs of Wall Tapestry Curtains. In other words, "Wallscapes!" You will see that Macrame has very few knots but the way you combine the knots is what makes the finished product Uniquely Your Design! TUTORIALS COMING SOON WITH PHOTOS!
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Gold Mining Delays

Well we did not get out much this year due to Az Fires and now Restrictions! Can not use any motorized equipment. As soon as the restrictions are lifted we will be back at it! In the meantime Enjoy some of our Funny Interesting Comments from Youtube!***** Comment on your video: KEEP ON DIGGING #5 hahaha, that gum flying out cracked me up..***** Comment on your video: Another Nugget 2 I love the sound that the detector makes! "VUUU VU VU VUUUU!"***** Cinbudsgold Part Two Breaking Apart Bedrock For Gold wow that is a lot of work i think my fever is breaking*****  Comment on your video: Another Nugget that was exciting***** Comment on your video: Pinky Piece hell ya. nice piece. Can't wait for more vids!!***** Comment on your video: CinbudsGold #8 of 8 How To Prospect A Claim did you lose youre poop tube?***** Comment on your video: Gold Nugget found by Cinbud's Gold Most Magnificent Find! Small, but a treasure still worth tons. Gook Luck,***** Comment on your video: Gold Prospecting and Wildlife sounds like a good dinner to me!***** Comment on your video: Gold Prospectors Cutting Samples Heavy breathing, high country & thin air? Kidding ya, I'm up in >60 club N not best of shape... yet. Excellent country,? have U determined wher hi water mark is/was? Lotsa small rocks, largr boulders took force 2 move, thinkng back, maybe research library 4 last major flood, creek/river hi mark? - Free Idea's "UseM~LoseM" Good Intentions... N my "Thinking outside [ ]". 4get nay sayers 2 many aroun. C lotsa potential, just needs history = poss. kno wher 2 start. Luck 2 ya all, B-safe. Larry***** Comment on your video: Gold Prospectors Find A Storm-Caused Waterfall very very cool***** Thanks for Visiting! Buddy

Outdoor Entertaining

Summer is here and what a good time to try some Refreshing Ice Cold Drinks. I found this Recipe on one of my favorite websites Stoneware Kitchen. Watermelon Sangria Blush
Ingredients: - 2 Cups sliced fruit (such as limes, oranges and kiwi) - 1 bottle of Watermelon Mojito Mixer(one of their fantastic products) - 1 750mL bottle white wine (such as Sauvignon Blanc) - Soda Water to taste - Watermelon wedges for garnish Directions: Fill a large pitcher with ice and sliced fruit. Add Watermelon Mojito mixer and wine and stir. Add soda water to taste. Garnish each glass with watermelon wedges and serve.*************************************************************************** Since your cooking outside why not include a Dessert that will surprize and amaze your family and guests!*************************************************************************Grilled Pound Cake and Aged Balsamic Macerated StrawberriesIngredients: 1 package pound cake, sliced 3/4 inch 2 pints strawberries 4 oz. Stonewall Kitchen Aged Balsamic Vinegar 3 Tbsp sugar 2 whole oranges, juice of 3 cups whipping cream 3/4 cup confectioners’ sugar 1 Tsp vanilla Directions: Clean and quarter strawberries and place them into a bowl. Combine strawberries with vinegar, sugar and the juice of 1 orange and mix gently. Refrigerate for about 1 hour. In a mixing bowl, combine remaining ingredients and the juice of the other orange and whip into a thick cream. Preheat grill to a medium-high heat and grill pound cake slices on both sides for about 1 minute or until lightly marked. On a serving platter, lay down half of the grilled pound cake and spoon strawberries and liquid over, place a big dollop of the orange cream on to the berries and place the other pieces of grilled pound cake on top of the cream. Garnish with fresh mint and serve.
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer at Sandra Lee's

Sandra Lee is my Favorite to watch on the food network shows. Elle Decor Magazine featured her on the cover of their July 2012 Issue. I wanted to share photos from the article. Originally from New York myself, I miss the Summer Beauty of NY Landscapes. All-American Allure: Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo’s Home Using generous doses of her favorite white, television star Sandra Lee freshens up a traditional Colonial in Westchester County for her new family Written by Kathleen Hackett • Styled by Martin Bourne • Photographed by Eric Piasecki

As stated in article: The living room is very clearly Lee’s. “I am happiest in here,” she says of the light-filled space that incorporates her office. “It took me three full days to organize my work area. It was a labor of love.” 

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4TH!

Wanted to share some photos of my shop. I did the RED WHITE & BLUE theme throughout! Happy Fourth Of July to All of My Followers and Visitors!
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Time for a Garden Party

"There's a freshness, a spontaneity you feel when you entertain outdoors,"stated by Pamela Scurry in a Country Living Magazine. When entertaining at home she uses everyday items. In the photos I am sharing from her story you can see her crafty way to make the occasion special with her Garden Tea Party Tablescape Theme!. She recommends using glass tableware outdoors because the sun makes them sparkle!
Inexpensive tip on a memorable flower arrangement! Mix fake and fresh flowers together!
Float Flowers in a Fountain or a Tub.
To make fresh flowers last longer: Cut the stems on an angle under running water with a pair of sharp scissors, then place them in a vase filled with warm water. "Warm water gets the air bubbles out of the stem, allowing the water to reach the flower head more quickly," says Pamela. If your rose has a weak head, lay it in a baking dish filled with warm water. It'll come back to life by morning.
Don't forget to continue your color scheme when entertaining into your food presentations to delight your guests!
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