Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We recieved a question from a Youtube user and wanted to share our response as an educational prospecting tip!

Hi , I've just purchased a Gold Bug Detector and have been enjoying your Videos and would like to ask a few questions . Noticed you use the small coil , do you use it all the time or just mainly in bedrock areas ? I will be detecting Bushland here in Victoria , old Aluvial sites . My detector came with the 3 coils so what would you recommend I use ? Any other tips on using the Gold Bug would be greatly appreciated . I have just ordered Zip Zip by Larry Sallee and also Advanced Nugget Hunting by Heydelaar and Johnson , they look like good books . Keep the Videos coming they are great , regards from Down Under.

Is your detector an original Gold Bug, or the new Gold Bug 2? I use the 3" coil exclusively. Less tiring for searching the hillsides, and gets down in the tight areas of bedrock after we have prepared our dig. One tip I can give you is to use a board, 4' x 4' plywood, to spread your material on. If you rake out larger rock, or screen your material onto the board, you get rid of a lot of the hot rocks, and other things that can affect your detector, and you'll pick up some really small gold. Be sure to pan sample your board "tailings", or save them to run through your sluiceing medium. If you are in a "pay zone" there will be fine gold, and even some detectable gold that you will not pick up on your board, It will surprise you how much gold you might otherwise throw back into the ground!! I will be happy to answer any guestions you may have, and try to help you overcome adjustment problems with your detector. Feel free to write anytime. From the desert of Arizona, Buddy and Chris

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