Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beauty Lies In The Beholder

Sharing some Photos: While working on my various projects you can see I had help from our Family Dog, Clyde, who is over 100 years old in dog years and our Resident Squirrel of five years who we named Rocky; we think he is the same squirrel? Ha!Ha!
Thanks for Visiting! Cindy from CRAFT Flaire.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Funding Website To Help Launch Your Designs

Go to where you will find many Entreprenurs that Have Hopes to be able to LAUNCH their Projects into a Successful Career with Your Help!! My Daughter has submitted her project and it has a Wonderful Plan to help our Environment as well!! Her project is called PINKCHEEKY which is the name of her product line. Watch her Video and Support her if you can. Greatly appreciated! I have begun to work on my own project in the home decor category using beaded curtains as room screens with storage capabilities. I am still working on the storage part! Thanks for Visiting! Cindy from CRAFT Flaire. Shop Amazon - Get Ready for Summer - Everything You Need

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