Friday, May 2, 2014

Macrame Elegance

Macrame Elegance is the name of a Macrame Book published in 1976.
I am sharing my progress work on a project from this book called;
                                                                  LE HAMAC

I am Showcasing this Macrame Hammock in a up-coming show in Prescott Valley, Az, MAY 31st/JUNE 1st 2014!

 Dewayne from KNOT OVER KNOTS will be showcasing his PARACORD SURVIVAL ACCESSORIES! 
 We welcome you all who can to come on out and see us!

Progress photos:

I am at the Half-Way point now I just repeat to the other side!

When it is finished Dewayne will help me Display it with his Paracord Wrapping Techniques that no one else is doing.
Here is a couple of photos of some of his work!

His Cell Phone Holster! 

His Any Size Watch Band!

See more of his items at: KNOTOVERKNOTS
He donates 10% to Several Good Causes!

Use this code for MULTIPLE PURCHASES through May! Tell me in conversation through my ETSY STORE and I will apply the discount!

Also sharing a link here to one of my favorite blogs! Oh what a Delicious Recipe for the month of April/May!

Thanks for Visiting! Cindy from Craft Flaire.

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