Sunday, January 27, 2013

What's New 2013

2013 is going to be a great year! New Products, New Ideas, and New Motivation!

My Etsy Store Sales have picked up due to  Vintage Jewelry and Craft Supplies. 

New Inventory has been added to my Showcase Booth in the Miller Valley Indoor Art Market!
(Prescott, Az.)

(in my Etsy Store and my space in the Prescott Store)

ALL Custom Orders from my booth get 25% off through VALENTINES DAY!

Become a friend on my FACEBOOK PAGE and I will give you 20% off coupon for your purchase
from my Etsy Store!
(custom orders not included)

New Products Include: 
Military Survival Bracelets and Belts, Hand Crocheted Jackets, Sweaters and Neck Warmers, Doilies and Tablecloths, Chainmaille Jewelry, Men's Jewelry made with Bones, Macrame Jewelry, and Hand Sewn Drapes with Beaded Accents as Tie-Backs! 

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the photos of my Showcase Space in the Prescott Store.
Cindy from CRAFT FLAIRE.

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