Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Macrame Necklace

Here is my newest macrame necklace! I enjoyed working on this one due to the Unique Meaning of the Knots!

BeadJeweled is a nickname for our Bead Projects. Here we will share photos and some How-To's in the Art of Creating Jewelry and accessories with Macrame or Crochet!

My BeadJeweled Project for the month of October!


Display your favorite Pendant with this Elegant necklace pattern. It combines a centrally placed prosperity knot balanced by coin knots on either side, separated by Tunisian Antique Metalized(look like metal) Beads.

The Prosperity Macrame knot has the appearance of a sequence of double coin knots. In China the double coin knot represents long life and prosperity as its shape represents two overlapping coins.

You can find the pattern of this necklace in the book: 75 Chinese, Celtic, & Ornamental Knots by Laura Williams & Elise Mann.

Thanks for visiting! Cindy from CRAFT Flaire.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Changing Careers 2

It has been almost a year now since I retired from full-time Line-Cooking. I have had the time to get out those books with projects I have always wanted to make.
I have been learning the Art of Macrame again!
I dabled with plant hangers and Owls and such years ago when my Mom encouraged me to try. Now I am finding that Macrame is coming back as an Art with the Jewelry Making Artists! Belts/Braclets/Earrings/Keychains and etc. all done in MINITATURE MACRAME KNOTS!
Well I like to make the BIG stuff and maybe later I will get brave to try more of the Macrame Jewelry!
Here is my latest project and more photos to come.
Thanks for visiting! Cindy from CRAFT FLAIRE!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cool Beads and Seashells

Through September we are bringing in New Inventory of Beads and Jewelry and "How-To" Craft Books!

We have a Pink Label SALE going on in the store!

Our theme is "Cool Beads and Seashells"!

We are featuring a Seashell Collection Centerpiece with Mother of Pearl Beads, Shell Necklaces, Coral Necklaces Fish Pendants and polished Stone Beads.

We are setting up a booth at the Prescott Valley Swap Meet on two Saturdays a month! Next swap meet day is, Sat. the 17th!

Here are New Photos of the store!

Thanks for Visiting!
Cindy from CRAFT FLAIRE.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beads,Beads and more Beads

Yes there be BEADS in our store! We will have a section in our booth at Cortez Street Emporium, in Presctt, Az. which will Feature Beads and Jewelry Making Supplies!

Through September we will be bringing in Jewelry Findings-Macrame Supplies-Variety of Beads-Books on How-To's of Jewelry Making and Macrame!

We are putting together KITS too for Teachers and Day Cares!

We welcome you to visit and any Ideas or Requests for certain items or kits can be dropped into our suggestion box in our booth. Our booth number is #10.

It has been a HOT Summer and we hope you have had a FUN and COOL Summer!

Photo is of a Glass Bead Necklace I made this last week.
Our featured display in our booth is a seashell collection to get you Inspired to Craft with!

Thanks fof visiting!
Cindy from CRAFT FLAIRE.

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