Thursday, October 30, 2014

Room Make Overs

I have been thinking a lot as of late about downsizing due to wanting to move out to the claim for an extended camping time. I came across an article from Elle Decor on Re-Doing an apartment room to look more spacious. I like it!


A tiny New York apartment is brought from dark and cluttered to bright and airy


Enjoy the photos and the how-to Ideas!

I can picture some modern Macrame Window Valances across the window in natural Jute!
My newest work with Fiber Arts in Curtain Decor is just that!
This is my "Wallscape" Design called Macrame & Basket Weave  Knotted  Decor. 
See more info in my Etsy Store.


A Country Gals Heart Strings

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Family Journal

 Beautiful Bradshaw Mts.

 Grandpa and Granddaughter.

This is an up-date on the merging of our blogs. Buddy and I have combined them into one. You will still get posts from each of us here on our individual interests, business info, hobbies and our family life. This Journal is for our Children and Grandchildren in hopes they will enjoy our stories and have memories to talk about through their lives!
This blog is also for all our Friends and Followers too who give us this opportunity to share our Adventures! 

We named the blog, "ALWAYS AN ADVENTURE" Our Family Journal.

Thanks for following our blogs!
Cindy & Buddy.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Two Old Farts Mining For Gold

Yes Buddy(my husband) and I are in our Sixties and we are able to still get outdoors and dig in the dirt for GOLD!

Hi Folks! It has been awhile, but we are working our claim here in Arizona now that the weather is a little less hot!

Enjoy this video I(Cindy) took.
Gold Mining is hard work but we manage to find some humor in it along the way.
We dug out 3 foot cubes of dirt off the bedrock each day during our camping weeks in October out at the Claim.
I put in a couple of hours each day just like I do when I garden at home.
Buddy did the rest! LOL

This is part #1 of a few videos in sequence. 
This is part #6 showing our take from the dig over a period of two weeks.
Watch for the full story soon. We need to work on putting the videos into one video.

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Buddy and Cindy

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Declutter, Downsize, Getting Ready For The Holidays

Already it is time to think about the Holidays A-Coming!  No matter what you call it, Declutter-Downsizing, Detash, Garage Sale, Organize, it all means WORK!
I found an article from Home and Gardens that gives some Great 15 Minute Organizing Ideas!

I love the Fall Season! I get out my favorite sweaters and pick one to wear and sit out on my porch with a Good Cup of Hazelnut Coffee. I have been watching the birds. They are clearly preparing for winter, gathering this and that. The photo above shows our house during a good winter a few years ago. We put together a calendar that year!

I won't be enjoying the porch too much longer for we are preparing to move in a few months.
My husband and I are REALLY DOWNSIZING for this for we have a Travel Trailer to live in.
We are using it for about 6 months out on my husbands Gold Mining Claim here in Az.
Saving up as much money as we can so that we will have enough funds to put down on a place to rent or buy.
Our Mining Claim Blog is: Gold Buddy's Dream. Check it out and enjoy some of Buddy's True Funny Stories!

My daughter, Raelynn, sent me a Pinterest on Remodeling Travel Trailers. Fun and Easy Ideas!
So we are moving from the house in winter photo to this!

 Travel Trailer is set up now at our Gold Mining Claim. My husband, Buddy,is more comfortable in it than a tent.
 Looking into through the door.
 Front of Trailer.
 Back of trailer.
 I spent a week out there with Buddy. We worked a hole into the bank in creek.
This is what we took out! 2.1 Grams.

Looking forward to being with my family over the coming Holidays!
Meanwhile back to oRgAnIzInG!?

SEE THIS LINK, WE ARE NOT CRAZY! Read their story!

Reward Discount{a gift} for October is: Buy two Door Decor Curtains in Oct., get a free matching in color to one of your curtains,  PHOTO FRAME in Macrame!(12" by 12") Valued at $100.00!

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