Thursday, September 23, 2010


My wife asked me one time if I would build a set of shelves in the living room to be used as a library and sewing center. After about 12 years of experiencing my failure as a carpenter, she still had faith in me. Maybe she thought if I keep trying, I'll get it right one of these times............................................. I tried to remind her of my past accomplishments, like the very first set of shelves I built. The shelves came out alright, but I didn't have a sawhorse, and the only room in the trailer that wasn't carpeted was the bathroom. I didn't want sawdust to get in the rug, so I used the John as a sawhorse. You guessed it, cut the John in Half!............................................ She wasn't too proud of me, but after all, I did get the shelves built, so she forgave me for my little mistake.. Besides, half a John is quite a conversation piece!...... The following Christmas she decided that I might be able to build some plywood sleighs for fruit baskets. We had had the John fixed, and she was sure to point our that I couldn't use the bathroom to saw in...................... I still didn't have a sawhorse, and it was bitter cold outside, so we decided that a little sawdust couldn't hurt the rug, and the coffee table would work as a sawhorse, if I were careful. Everything went just fine, that is, until two inches off the end of the coffee table Fell at my Feet! She was, understandably, upset, but everyone in the family got a beautiful fruit basket for Christmas! I had to add a cofee table to her Christmas list, naturally. I didn't go near a power-saw for quite some time after that, but she still wanted some things done around the house. My next project entailed using a drill. I needed to drill a few holes in a piece of metal, and not only did I not own a sawhorse, I also did not own a vice. I thought that I could drill the holes by holding tightly on the the piece of metal. Drilled a hole Right Through My Finger! She didn't get upset this time, and was genuinely concerned as to how I was going to get the drill bit out of my finger. Gritted my teeth, reversed the drill, and that wasn't too big of a problem. The hole healed nicely in a few weeks!............................ We held a garage sale the very next week, and sold quite a bit of junk we'd wanted to be rid of. For some reason, all of the power tools were sold too!.................... And now, here it is, some years later, and she wants me to build some more shelves. Oh well, close the bathroom door, put the coffee table in one of the other rooms, and get out plenty of bandages, cause one set of shelves, coming up!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Photo Contest

I have entered another photo in a contest called:

I made Cornish Hens for our Christmas Dinner and our Guest from England brought the table place settings called, "Crackers". They are an English Tradition! Each foil wrapped tube contained a hat, a toy and a joke or funny saying that had to be read out loud. From the photos you see we got into character and had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monsoon Storms

We caught a photo of an evening lightning storm here at home in Wilhoit, Arizona. We live 14 miles out of Prescott going towards Wickenburg. Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cinbud's Gold Calendar

For our followers we designed a unique calendar through Zazzle. In it are 11 photos taken out at the claim and one of our house around christmas. See the photos featured in it! Magnify each one!
Thanks for visiting! Buddy

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Cinbud's Gold Calendar

For our followers we designed a unique calendar through Zazzle. In it are 11 photos taken out at the claim and one of our house around chris...