Sunday, March 31, 2013

Window and Doorway Inspirational Treatments

I recently joined Pinterest, a place where you can share photos and put collections together that You Like, and can Inspire Others with!

I love seeing the Old Art Forms COMING BACK as Modern Home Decor!

I started Designing Macrame and Beaded Curtains in New Ways to use as  Home Decor Wall Treatments.

See them in my about me page in my Etsy Store!

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Thanks for Visiting! Cindy from Craft Flaire.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Custom Macrame Window Treatments


Photos show the variety of designs and more will come this year as I am focusing on these this year!

I am taking custom orders in my ETSY shop and in my showcase store at, THE MILLER VALLEY INDOOR ART MARKET in Prescott, Az.

My SALE now is with my new business cards. Pick one up from my showcase store when  you have the chance to visit, or from me through my Etsy store for a 20% off on your first purchase from my Etsy store!

Thanks for visiting! Cindy from CRAFT FLAIRE.
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