Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Monsoons

Yes Monsoons are here in Arizona! Getting close to my favorite time of the year; Cooler Temps, Garden growth and Art & Craft Shows!

I was a Vendor in the Edgewater Art Show in July in Lauglin and we did well!
My next up-coming show will be at the River Palms in Laughlin, August 30th/Sept 1st & 2nd! 

Since it is also my Birthday Sept 2nd; I am looking forward to this trip!
I will be taking Macrame Accessories from my NEW JEWELRY LINE of 2014! 
Photos will be posted ASAP.

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JULYCOOL15 {Just give this code to me through  my Etsy Conversation.}

Thanks for visiting! Cindy from CRAFTFLAIRE.

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