Sunday, July 28, 2013

Buddy's Dream

Finally back to work out on the claim! We have a New Gold Claim here now called, "BUDDY'S DREAM".

We let the other claim go. We are still in the Bradshaw Mountain Range.
There are three partners to this mining claim, therefore we have 60 acres. 
The monsoons have started and we are checking out parts of the creek I have wanted to check for years! 
You see I have been waiting to claim this area for 15 years and it finally became available!
Enjoy the  photos.

If you want bigger gold you gotta move boulders! So here is how the story unfolds!

 We dug down to bedrock the first week down creek from the boulder.
 Then Buddy uses his Handmade Vac.
 This is Cindy, my Wife. Yes she helps!

 The large boulder on the top right in  is the one I moved in the video and found the larger pieces of gold.
Watch the video! One of our partners. Lana, was out at the claim the second week of this dig. She gave me all the encouragement she could to move that boulder!
 Looking down creek from the boulder.
 After a monsoon river run.
 Using my sluice. Had to share with the bees.

 Beautiful sunset at the end of day.
 Our take for after two weeks of digging!

Thanks for visiting! Buddy

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Repurposed Home Decor

Well I have seen a lot of different things "repurposed" in my day but not as Unique as this!
From the Ellie Decor magazine.

A collector of old water cans, I and with the help of my husband made a "Watercan Waterfall" in my wooden barrel planter last year.
Now this was my first Video. 
Need some Vintage Beads?
They were intended for Macrame years ago.
I reused a few in a Unique Way.
A Fish Bowl!

Create a little Serenity!
To see more of my Vintage Supplies go to my Facebook Business Page called Craft Flaire.
Thanks for Visiting! Cindy from Craft Flaire.

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