Thursday, August 1, 2013

Macrame Door Curtain

 I used a Vintage Pattern from the 1970's.
It is a nicely firm square knot weave-look.
The macrame cord is also vintage but in great condition.
It is a black and white twist polyester cord.

Photos show the WORK IN PROGRESS.
I have already put in 40 hours of work and I will be putting in another 40 more hours to finish.
This is a tight knotting pattern due to the cord is a smaller diameter. (3 mm)
I will keep adding photos as I work along until the final photo!
I have added my Wood Beaded Curtain Panels which our My Designs in Drapery Accents!
These wood beads are also Vintage and in Excellent Shape!

The top of door curtain features three woven in holes where you would hang your favorite collectibles; Bells, Beads, Feathers, etc.!

 50 cords cut at 15 yards each , folded in half and looped over the top dowel with Lark Head Knots.
Full view of door curtain in progress.  Bead Work done on sides.
Close-up of top. The pattern is a tightly knotted with Square Knots. Circles are done in the Double Half-Hitch Knot over plastic rings. Each strand is going to be wrapped with the square knot sennet knot and braided all the way to the bottom of the door curtain. At the same time it is fun trying to keep the strands from getting tangled. I choose to not tie strands in bundles. Easier to pull up one strand at a time.

The Finished Curtain! 
Just think how this curtain would look hanging in a room like this! This one!

Or like this one!
Thanks for visiting! Cindy from Craft Flaire.

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